LGBT+ Awareness and Education

There are so many different people out there, so let’s learn about sexual and romantic attraction

What Is the LGBT+

Yes, there are more in the acronym, let’s learn about them all!

The Flags and Their Meaning

Let’s learn about the sexualities and how they might show their pride! Maybe learn a little history too!

Sexual vs Romantic Attraction

There sure is a difference so let’s start talking about it!

People You May Not Have Known Were LGBT+

Orientation does not make up a full personality. It is simply an aspect of a person. There are a lot of LGBT+ people all through history, this is only a few of them.

LGBT+ Social Movements

Since we’re talking about history…


This happens throughout every community, they are just as much part of the community as everyone else.

LGBT+ Owned Businesses

Small businesses are usually the way to go, how about also supporting LGBT+ individuals. These are only a few so feel free to research others!

Rainbow Charities

Even if you’re just spreading awareness, it helps.