Indigenous Peoples Awareness

Sit back and learn a few things about these amazing peoples and their rich cultures. It is the absolute least we could do.

Indigenous Peoples Around the World

They are everywhere and that’s wonderful. So start to learn about all of the different cultures. 

Who’s Land Are You On?

A good place to start your research is to use this tool to find out which tribe’s land you’re living on. 

Why The Colonizers Aren’t So Great

Sure, they “discovered” the land you’re on but you know what else they did? Have a look. 

Indigenous Owned Businesses

With this link, you can find indigenous owned businesses that you can support.

Native Peoples Charities and Fundraisers

Here is a list of fundraisers, charities, and causes that you can donate to. 

Health Care Issues

Let’s have a serious conversation about this and learn a few things. 

Research Guide for Indigenous Issues

Sadly, I can’t provide all of the niche tabs that are required for this topic but please take a look at the resources given with this link. 

Donating to Indigenous Peoples

It’s a lot of help if you donate but it’s also understandable if you can’t. If that’s the case then spread the word and educate yourself, listen to the voices of Indigenous Peoples globally.