Black Lives Matter

This page is only the beginning of educating yourself and helping support black owned businesses and organizations

What Is Black Lives Matter

Let’s start with the basics, okay? 

Importance of Black Lives Matter

Why is it important?

Let’s Talk About Police Brutality

Remember them, say their names, and help prevent this from happening again

Black Owned Businesses

With this link, you can find black owned businesses that you can support. 

BPOC Fundraisers and Causes

Here is a list of fundraisers, charities, and causes that you can donate to. 

Types of Racism

Let’s have a serious conversation about this and learn a few things. 

Research Guide to Black Lives Matter

Sadly, I can’t provide all of the niche tabs that are required for this topic but please take a look at the resources given with this link. 

Donating to Black Lives Matter

It’s a lot of help if you donate but it’s also understandable if you can’t. If that’s the case then spread the word and educate yourself, listen to the voices of Black People globally.