Learning to Give Back

On this page, you’ll find ways to keep yourself educated and ways to give back to the lovely world you live in

Why Have This Page?


I made this page for a few reasons and I’m happy that you asked. There are so many different kinds of people in this world and we all aren’t treated with th equity that we should be treated with. There are people who are still learning who they are and what they stand for. There are people struggling because someone took precious things away from them. I see it as my job to help educate and bring awareness to causes that help people. This is my way of sharing those things. 

Learning About Gender Identity

Here, you can find a set of links filled with gender education. It doesn’t include everything, but it’s a start. 

Black Lives Matter

These are sites that will send you to fundraisers, educational tools, and much more to help the movement toward equity. 

Indigenous Peoples Awareness

This will give you a list of tools to begin learning about and supporting the beautiful indigenous peoples of the world. 

LGBT+ Awareness and Education

You can start to learn about different sexual and romantic preferences along with the journey to discovering who you are

Learning and Helping the Earth

 We live on this world together. She deserves love and respect so here you will find links  to educate you about current issues and ways that you can help.

Educating on Disabled Peoples

Here is the beginning of a list of articles and journals on disabilities and its many forms.

Trans Support and Education

 Under here you will find a lovely page giving you the gateway to trans education and ways to support trans people.

Supporting People of Color

Feel free to check out this section about POC education and check out all the causes and businesses than you can support.

Other Important Topics

If it didn’t necessarily fit under the other categories, you will find it here. So go ahead and give it a good look.